Toward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness
through Learning in Entrepreneurship



2SCALE uses a business approach to improve rural livelihoods and food security in Africa. We work through public-private partnerships to accelerate inclusive business; smallholder farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs work together, with profits fairly shared.

The project is funded by DGIS-Netherlands and implemented jointly by IFDC and the Base-of-the Pyramid Innovation Center. 2SCALE is currently active in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Uganda.

farmers harvesting potatoes

Increasing Productivity and Farmer Incomes

The 2SCALE project, funded by DGIS-Netherlands (2012-2017) with co-investments by the private sector, is improving agribusiness opportunities and farm livelihoods in eight African countries.

The first project phase concluded in December 2018, having met or exceeded every major target. 2SCALE has reached::

  • 627,422 farmers (36% women)
  • 2,535 producer organizations
  • 1,891 agribusiness enterprises, mostly small local firms, many of which are headed by women


agribusiness partners

Building Agribusiness Clusters

2SCALE helps build agribusiness clusters that link farmers to buyers, technical support providers, banks and other partners, helping them to introduce technology and business innovations and access profitable markets for their crops.


2SCALE Phase 2

A new 5-year program, also called 2SCALE, will begin in January 2019. The ‘new’ 2SCALE, funded by DGIS-Netherlands, aims to build on these successes. The goal is to reach 750,000 smallholder farmers and 5,000 private businesses, helping them integrate into commercial agri-food value chains.

The ‘new’ 2SCALE will be implemented by a consortium comprising IFDC, BoPInc and the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV). Activities will cover eight countries – Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger and Nigeria, with potential for expanding to additional countries such as South Sudan. Follow us as we begin the next part of our journey.