Ousmane Ouedraogo is currently the Chief of Party of the ACMA3 program. Prior to this role, Ousmane was the Deputy Chief of Party of ACMA3 and worked for previous IFDC projects, such as WACIP, C4CP, WAFP, and SAPEP. He also held the role of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and as the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager for ACMA2.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Rural Development and a master’s degree in Rural Development Sciences and Techniques from the Institute of Rural Development and the University of Burkina Faso.

Prior to joining IFDC, Ousmane gained years of experience working for SNV as the Senior Technical Advisor in Economic and Rural Development, for SOFITEX as Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department, and for the Association Interprofessionnelle du Coton du Burkina (AICB) as Senior Agronomist.