Dr. Prem Bindraban

Dr. Ir. Prem Bindraban is developing a global research network to design and produce Innovative Fertilizers and Application Technologies (IFAT) using biological processes and advanced bio-nano-chemistry as entry points for these fertilizers to improve crop yield and food quality while reducing environmental effects.

Bindraban leads the FERARI research and implementation program in Ghana, which builds public-private partnerships for the development of fertilizer value chain actors to supply farmers with appropriate fertilizers for improving food and nutrition security. The on-the-ground implementation activities will integrate scientific evidence from transdisciplinary research by five PhD- and two postdoctoral-level researchers.

Formerly, Bindraban was Director of ISRIC – World Soil Information and Team Leader of Natural Resources at Wageningen University and Research. He served as a Researcher at two CGIAR centers – CIMMYT and IRRI. As Associate Director, he contributed to a Strategic Plan for Agricultural Development in Africa at the request of former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Bindraban has developed university courses related to food security at Wageningen University and the University of Amsterdam, taught Theoretical Production Ecology for soil-crop modeling at the University of Sao Paulo, supervised many Ph.D. candidates and M.Sc. students, and published more than 200 research documents.