Supporting Agricultural Productivity in Burundi



PAPAB (2015-2019) aims to sustainably increase food production in Burundi by promoting market- oriented, climate-resilient, and sustainable agricultural techniques, supported by targeted fertilizer subsidies. The project is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Lead implementing partners include Alterra Wageningen University and Research, Oxfam Novib, and ZOA. More than 10 local organizations are involved in collaboration, including Adisco, OAP, Consedi, and Réseau
Burundi 2000+, as well as Dutch organizations (HealthNetTPO, Soil Cares, and Trimpact)



Giving the Boost

  • Helps reform the fertilizer subsidy system to improve farmers’ access to fertilizer and knowledge of improved farming methods.
  • Uses a participatory approach to boost farmers’ motivation and morale to create their own business plans for a sustainable future.
  • Creates local markets and jobs with the ability to scale out and prevent farmland fragmentation.

Project Overview