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Moving from volume to value

Roy delivered the Francis New Memorial Lecture during the IFS Technical Conference on June 23 in London. His topic was ‘Global Fertiliser Industry: Transitioning from Volume to Value.

IFDC experiments transcend fertilizer development

IFDC featured in the Times Daily – “IFDC is researching ways to efficiently provide plants with micronutrients that help the plant and, ultimately, the humans who consume them.”

2015 Francis New Memorial Medal Awarded to Dr. Amit Roy

The Council of the International Fertiliser Society (IFS) has awarded the 2015 Francis New Memorial Medal to Dr. Amit Roy, president and CEO of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC).

Feeding Crops, Feeding the World – Part 3: Two Ways Fertilizer Can Improve Plant Nutrition

In our previous blog, we spoke about the vital role secondary and micronutrients (SMNs) play in cultivating a healthy crop. Most fertilizers are already designed to provide the foundational elements for growth (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus), but many fail to include SMNs such as iron and zinc. For a plant to truly flourish, it must have a balanced application of…

It’s Alive! 200 Billion Reasons Why Soil is Important

Different soils work better with different fertilizers, seeds and water regimens. Another interesting factor: Soil acts like a living thing. We must prioritize keeping it healthy. One cup of soil contains more than 200 billion organisms. Some of these benefit plants by helping the roots “ingest” nutrients. Others are antagonistic and may hamper plant growth. Yet others react well only…

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