Month: September 2010

Phosphate Fertilizer Warning for China

September 29, 2010 – Researchers warn that the overuse of phosphate fertilizer in China is causing water pollution and wasting phosphorus, a non-renewable resource and a key ingredient in fertilizer. According to Zhang Fusuo, a plant nutritionist at the China Agricultural University in Beijing, the amount of phosphate in the soil should be monitored and the efficiency of phosphate fertilizer…

Africa’s Green Revolution Will Founder Without Extra Global Funding

September 26, 2010 – Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Rwanda’s Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, and Joseph Sesay, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, are calling on the international donor community to increase funds for agriculture. Kalibata has been a member of IFDC’s board of directors since 2008. Read the op-ed in the Guardian.

World is Far From Running Out of Phosphate – Report

September 22, 2010, Washington, D.C. – There is enough phosphate rock to make fertilizer for several hundred years, according to a new report released on Wednesday. This is contrary to reports of a “peak phosphorus” event speculated to take place in 2030-2035. Phosphate rock is the primary source for phosphorus – one of three elements critical to plant growth (along…

IFDC Report Indicates Adequate Phosphorus Resources Available to Meet Global Food Demands

Panel participants during the release of the IFDC report “World Phosphate Reserves and Resources” included (from left to right) Steven J. Van Kauwenbergh, principal scientist and leader of IFDC’s Phosphate Research and Resources Initiative; Dr. Terry Roberts, president of the International Plant Nutrition Institute; M. Ann Tutwiler, coordinator for the Global Food Security Initiative, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Dr. Amit…

A More Productive and Sustainable Agriculture is Needed to Halve Hunger by 2015

September 22, 2010, New York – Four members of the International Fertilizer Industry Association attended the United Nations Private Sector Forum that took place as part of the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals on September 20-22 in New York. The IFA members, including IFDC board member Patrick Murphy, were in attendance to discuss the importance of investing in…

Nigeria Embraces Fertilizer Voucher Scheme

September 16, 2010 – The federal government of Nigeria is assessing the Fertilizer Voucher Scheme as a viable way to deliver fertilizer to farmers. IFDC introduced the program in Kano and Taraba states in 2009, reaching 100,000 beneficiaries. The 2010 program is being implemented in Bauchi, Kaduna, Kwara, Kano and Taraba states, with 550,000 expected beneficiaries. Read the full article from…

Two Institutions Collaborate to Enhance Food Security in Ghana

September 1, 2010 – With funding from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), IFDC is implementing the “Linking Farmers to Markets” project. The project is expected to reach 50,000 smallholder farmers. Read the full article from GhanaWeb.

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