Month: August 2015

Visitors from 11 countries learn about precision agriculture courtesy of IFDC, Isbell Farms

19 visitors from 11 countries participated in IFDC’s “training and study tour on technology advances in agriculture production, water and nutrient management.”

IFDC experiments transcend fertilizer development

IFDC featured in the Times Daily – “IFDC is researching ways to efficiently provide plants with micronutrients that help the plant and, ultimately, the humans who consume them.”

Why You Can’t Just Teach a Person to Fish – Part 2: Project-Level Training

Our goal in training is to go beyond simply teaching a person.

Why You Can’t Just Teach a Person to Fish: Part 1 – An Introduction to IFDC Training

It never fails. I’m abandoned at a mixer party, stirring my watered-down manhattan, when the person I just met asks the #1 question of cocktail hour: “So what do you do for a living?” I’ve worked hard on my “elevator pitch” for IFDC (you development workers understand this), and I’ve come to expect a common response, “Oh, I get it…”…

Dr. Amit Roy Featured in Times Daily: “Roy leaving IFDC after 23 years as president and CEO”

Dr. Amit Roy, IFDC’s president and chief executive officer will be leaving IFDC after 23 years of service. He was recently featured on the front page of the Times Daily.

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