The private sector plays a predominant role in the implementation of USAID Fertilizer Deep Placement and Microdosing (FDP MD) project activities. The entire FDP chain is driven by urea super granule (USG) production companies. In the Mopti region of Mali, a total of six briquetting machines were acquired by investors, including the private sector and NGOs.

One such private company, Wafangou Agri Sarl, has distinguished itself by its dynamism and marketing capacities. The company was created in August 2014 specializing in the marketing of fertilizer, seed, and herbicide, as well as husking and selling rice.

In 2015, following an economic analysis of the USG production sector, Wafangou puchased a briquetting machine from Bangladesh for $4,890. Since then, it has been a partner of the USAID FDP MD project in the scaling up of FDP technology on lowland rice and vegetables.

For the 2016 crop year, Wanfagou’s financial results are bright. The company realized a net profit of $22,576 through producing 547,105 tons of urea briquettes. With an annual net profit equivalent to more than four times the initial investment of the machine, USG production is a very profitable economic springboard in the eyes of Wanfagou.

In its marketing dynamic, Wanfagou Agri Sarl has forged partnerships with local players to increase the demand for briquettes. It collaborates with various local radio stations, agro-dealers, politicians, and elected leaders who are all dynamic ambassadors for FDP technology.

Currently, Wanfagou is leading the granulation sector in Mopti thanks to its proven dynamism. By the same token, the company motivates other potential investors to try anything and everything that boosts the wide scaling up of FDP and MD technologies.


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