Fertilizer Deep Placement Continues to Change Lives in Mali

Two years ago, Bakary Traoré, a 61-year-old farmer from Bimbougou, Mali (located 45 km from Sikasso), benefited from an IFDC training on fertilizer deep placement (FDP) and micro dosing (MD) technologies. As a wise entrepreneur, he did not hesitate to invest “I understood from the outset that with these technologies, I will buy less fertilizer. Which means I’m going to…

Radio Partners Commit to Continuing Awareness on Fertilizer Technologies

In many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, radio programs still present one of the best ways for farmers to learn about new agricultural technologies. In Mali, one IFDC-conceived program was so popular that radio stations are continuing to air reruns, despite the completion of their contracts with IFDC. “Tiommi Ni Bonboni Baroni” (“Talk on FDP and MD”) is a program  conceived…

Small Malian Company Boasts Big Profits

The private sector plays a predominant role in the implementation of USAID Fertilizer Deep Placement and Microdosing (FDP MD) project activities. The entire FDP chain is driven by urea super granule (USG) production companies. In the Mopti region of Mali, a total of six briquetting machines were acquired by investors, including the private sector and NGOs.

8 Successes from USAID FDP-MD

The USAID Scaling Up Fertilizer Deep Placement and Microdosing Technologies in Mali (FDP-MD) project increases food security and farm incomes.

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