The TEAMS project (2021-2022) is an Embassy of Sweden-funded program that aims to increase food availability and access for 15,500 farmers in Mozambique with a focus on women’s economic empowerment through agriculture.

TEAMS aims for increased food availability and access for 15,500 smallholder farmers (60% women) in Mozambique.

IFDC is pleased to partner with United Purpose, AKSM, and the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) to implement the TEAMS project, which aids in the development of market systems by supporting market actors (farmers, agrodealers, input suppliers) to develop a continuous supply network of inputs and output products and helps farmers to increase resilience, productivity, and production using climate-smart agriculture (CSA).

The TEAMS project is a continuation of the Food Security Through Climate Adaptation and Resilience (FAR-Sofala) project. The FAR project (2017-2022) is a Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)-funded integrated program that aims to improve food security and resilience to climate change shocks for 30,000-45,000 smallholder farmer households in the provinces of Manica and Sofala in Mozambique.


  • Transfer of income-increasing technologies.
  • Recruitment of local service providers to increase input and output market access.
  • Promotion of income diversification for project participants.
  • Promotion of irrigation systems to guarantee production throughout the year.


December 2021

June 2022


  • Implemented interventions to create access to climate-smart agricultural inputs and increase resilience to climate shocks by intensifying vegetable production through the promotion of cost-effective and environmentally friendly irrigation systems, benefiting 15,418 farmers (62% women).
  • Doubled the crop productivity of 7,832 producers (57% women) who adopted climate-smart agricultural practices and inputs, increasing their income from U.S. $0.38 to $1.10 per day.
  • Facilitated sustainable market linkages between large input suppliers and local agro-dealers.
  • Supported local agro-dealers in developing the capacity to manage their business.
  • Facilitated the construction of improved stores that are resilient to climate change. 

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