Month: October 2017

Feed the Future Nigeria Agro-Inputs Project Completes Work After Reaching 1,500 Agro-Dealers

Since 2014, the Feed the Future Nigeria Agro-Inputs Project has promoted a private sector-led agricultural inputs market that enables farmers to access quality and affordable inputs. With funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the ultimate goal has been to help Nigerian smallholder farmers increase agricultural productivity. More than 1,500 agro-dealers were trained and certified on product…

Breaking the Barrier to Youth Employment: Anas’s Story

Playful in demeanor, 24-year-old Anas Garba is passionate about addressing youth unemployment. Like most unemployed graduates, Garba engaged in farming to support his parents and younger siblings after obtaining a degree in economics from Jigawa State College of Education in 2015. In May 2017, an extension agent in Garba’s community introduced him to the Feed the Future Nigeria Agro-Inputs Project.…

Photo Gallery: Kenyan Agriculture – Bringing Farmers and Agribusinesses Together

IFDC president and CEO, Dr. J. Scott Angle, recently visited agribusinesses in Kenya and inaugurated a new potato storage facility constructed to support local farmer groups. The IFDC team toured Shalem Investments, an agri-food company partnering with the Netherlands-funded 2SCALE program, and New Holland Chips. 2SCALE offers a range of support services to private partners – companies and farmer groups – enabling them to produce, transform, and supply quality food products to local, national, and regional end-user markets, including base-of-the pyramid consumers.

Ruth Kinoti, founder and CEO of Shalem Investments, gave a tour of her new factory, which makes fortified sorghum flour from sorghum purchased from 2SCALE farmers. 2SCALE has helped her grow from trader to processor, selling her own brand of flour. New Holland Chips owner, Jean Pierre, also sources from local farmers. New Holland partners with potato growers in Laikipia County.

Many rural potato farmers lack proper storage. Dr. Angle and Irish Ambassador to Kenya, Dr. Vincent O’Neill, inaugurated a new potato storage facility, constructed through an Irish Aid project implemented by IFDC to strengthen the potato value chain. This storage building will help farmers in Nyeri, Kenya, reduce post-harvest losses.

View a photo slideshow of the trip below.

5 Misconceptions About Fertilizer

The first one through the fifth will shock you! You probably won’t see this list on Buzzfeed, but here are a few fertilizer misconceptions: 1 – Fertilizer will end world hunger. While getting the right fertilizers into the hands of farmers is hard enough, fertilizer alone cannot grow more food. Fertilizer is only part of a bigger solution that includes…

Farmers Need Fertilizer

If anyone ever tells you that fertilizer is sexy, don’t believe them. I’m passionate about fertilizer, but it’s not sexy.1 And while helping the impoverished around the world is popular right now, fertilizer certainly isn’t. Here’s the catch, though: it’s completely necessary for ensuring food security around the globe. Farmers need fertilizer. So we have to change the way we…

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