Dry Zone and Uplands Agro-Input and Farm Services Project


The Dry Zone and Uplands Agro-Input and Farm Services Project is boosting smallholder farmer incomes in Myanmar by strengthening networks of agricultural input and service providers. The project is funded by The Livelihoods and Food Security Trust (LIFT) Fund.


Improving Knowledge and Marketing Strategies

The project (2015-2020) works with private sector input and service providers to develop and distribute products, services and information that enhance farmer productivity and profitability. These include inputs like seed, fertilizer and plant protection products, along with crop management services and technology for land preparation, harvesting and post-harvest processing.

Farmers will learn to compare the return on inputs and services for their cropping systems, as well as basic crop budgeting. Meanwhile, collaboration between public and private sector farm advisory service providers will deepen, while coordination with public sector extension workers will ensure that improved input use is recommended in the context of both farm profitability and conservation agriculture.

Success Stories

Putting Down Roots

U Ko Ko Latt was tired of living away from his wife. By working with IFDC's Dry Zone Agro-Input and ...
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