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Gluten-free, gender-friendly

Cassava is a crop with huge potential – hardy and drought tolerant, suitable for small-scale production, and valuable both as a food and a cash crop, not to mention it’s gluten-free. A new pilot will focus on cassava processing and value addition in Kenya, aiming to broaden the  market for cassava products among base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) families. We’re working with Mhogo…

From Cassava to Beer: Roots to Empowerment

“This film depicts a typical Public-Private Partnership (PPP), combining a so-called lead firm (Psaltry in Nigeria in this case, an enterprise sourcing cassava from farmers to produce starch for Nigeria breweries/Heineken), and local-level agri-business networks.” The film also features IFDC’s 2SCALE Project. Credit: ICRA

Nigerian Breweries, Psaltry, IFDC sign agreement on cassava productivity

“Nigerian Breweries Plc, Psaltry International Company Ltd, a Nigerian cassava processing company and the International Fertiliser Development Centre, (IFDC) through its ‘Towards Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship project (2SCALE)’, have signed a partnership agreement to optimise the cassava value chain in Nigeria and improve agribusiness for Nigerian smallholder farmers.”  

Saly Ouattara: How Cassava Changed My Life

My name is Saly Ouattara. I think I’m 39 years old, and life has given me 10 children: six boys and four girls. My entire life – from childhood to my marriage and until now – I have not had another job outside of farming. I have farmed for 20 years, on two parcels my in-laws have given me, a…

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