As part of commemorating its 50 years of promoting sustainable agricultural development worldwide, the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is organizing Open Door events in all its country offices with the theme “50 Years of Developing Agriculture from the Ground Up.”

On February 29, IFDC welcomed key actors in Mali’s agricultural value chains from the public and private sectors to its Mali offices for the 2024 IFDC Open Door event. The event strengthened partnerships between IFDC and key stakeholders in the national agricultural sector and showcased IFDC’s innovative technologies, projects, collaborations, agricultural support, and positive changes facilitated by these interventions in the country. 

Participants and staff wait to listen to the opening remarks of the event.

“We work with our partners to innovate and make a sustainable impact on a large scale.”

Moussa Dionou, IFDC Country Director for Burkina Faso and Mali

IFDC has been present and active in Mali for 20 years, helping to build the capacity of millions of small-scale farmers to become agricultural entrepreneurs and conquer local and regional markets. During these 20 years, the organization has been implementing its mission to increase agricultural productivity and contribute to food security through more efficient and environmentally friendly soil fertility management.  

Moussa Dionou, IFDC Country Director for Burkina Faso and Mali, provides opening insights into the strategy and goal of IFDC.

IFDC Country Director for Burkina Faso and Mali Moussa Dionou explained IFDC’s strategy by saying, “Our goal is to improve fertility, soil, and plant health for a more food-secure and environmentally sustainable world. IFDC supports the efforts of Mali’s Government to meet the challenges of food security by bridging the traditional gaps between research, technology extension, and market systems.

Affirming Dionou’s assertion, the representative of Mali’s Minister of Agriculture, Oumar Tamboura, stated, “Regarding the results of collaborations with IFDC, I remain convinced that IFDC’s reiterated commitment to providing innovative solutions to meet challenges linked to fertilizers and soil health will not be in vain, and that together we will succeed in achieving our objectives. I would therefore like to take advantage of this doubly commemorative day to thank all IFDC staff and the various stakeholders for their commitment to working together to raise Mali’s level of food sovereignty.”

IFDC Mali staff members welcome partners and stakeholders to the Open Door event.

 The Open Door event in Mali was marked by product exhibitions by actors and partners, Business-to-Business meetings between current and potential partners, and finally, two discussion panels, which focused on the following informative themes: Access to Fertilizers and Financing of the Fertilizer Sector: What Solutions are Possible? and Soil Typology and Characteristics in Mali: What Fertilization Solutions are Appropriate?

From 2001 to the present day, IFDC’s vision has been implemented in Mali through various projects and programs.  

(From left to right) Country Coordinator, Issiaka Hamadi, National Coordinator for AOPP, Seydou Tangara, Agronomy Specialist, Mohamed Dicko, and Senior Fertilizer Consultant, Moussa Sylla, discuss the role of public-private partnerships in improving soil health in Mali.

Mali’s flagship projects currently in progress include: 

The IFDC Mali team comes together to build partnerships and have informative discussions to transform Mali’s agriculture sector.

The Mali Open Door event facilitated partnerships and collaborations to further agricultural transformation in the country, ultimately enhancing innovation, knowledge exchange, and sustainable growth within the agriculture sector.