Potato Storage Project (2 Phases)

PSP is boosting quality and profitability for smallholder potato farmers while focusing on technology and training. The project is funded by the Embassy of Ireland in Kenya.



Improving Storage Methods to Reduce Loss

PSP introduced low-cost storage facilities in 2016, empowering producer groups, entrepreneurs, and other value chain actors to reduce post-harvest losses. During the second phase (2017), the project helped producer groups scale up production and facilitated construction of additional storage buildings. Farmer participation and capacity building are central to the project approach.

New storage facilities provided access to stable markets by creating a participatory, inclusive value chain for producers. In turn, producers receive fair prices and gain a voice in the development process.

Cumulative Achievements

Throughout PSP Phases I and II:

  • 28,000 farmers were trained in GAPs.
  • 15 low-cost storage facilities were constructed.
  • Farmers have been able to sell their produce during the off-season for higher prices: from 800-1,000 to 2,200-4,000 Kenyan shillings per sack ($8-10 to $22-40 per sack, respectively).