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Fertilizer Workshop Builds Knowledge and Networking

On May 27-31, 2019, IFDC hosted an international training workshop entitled “Delivering Balanced Crop Nutrition to Small-Scale Farmers” in Accra, Ghana. Nearly 70 participants from 21 countries attended the training to enhance their understanding of issues related to the production, marketing, and effects of blended and compound fertilizers. Experts from IFDC, AGI, Cropnuts, ISRIC – World Soil Information, the African…

Achieving a Last-Mile Milestone: The ATT Seed Van Initiative

Most smallholder farmers in northern Ghana lack access to high-quality certified seed. They often use seed that they save from one season to the next. With saved seeds, these farmers barely produce enough to feed their household year-round. However, since the Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer (ATT) project began in 2013, the situation has started to improve. To ensure that certified seeds get to rural farmers, ATT implemented the Seed Van Initiative. “Through our small grant support program, we provided 22 vans to seed producers that travel to hard-to-reach communities – at the last…

Seed Processing Equipment a Lifeline for Three Seed Companies

It is a flourishing business season for Antika, Ariku, and Heritage Seed, three seed companies in Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions of Ghana. They have sold over 475 metric tons (mt) of seed processed for this cropping season. With the help of new seed processing machines acquired through the matching grant mechanism of the IFDC-implemented Feed the Future…

Ghanaian Farmers Cash in on UDP Technology

Many rice farmers at the four major irrigation schemes in the Upper East and Northern regions of Ghana have embraced urea deep placement (UDP) technology and continue to make giant strides in their farming business. They are improving their household income level exponentially with assistance from IFDC’s Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer project. UDP technology enables rice farmers…

Partnership Brings New Technology to Smallholder Farmers in Ghana

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research (Soybean Innovation Lab, SIL) in partnership with the Feed the Future USAID Agriculture Technology Transfer (ATT) project and the Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement (ADVANCE) project will fund an 8-day training to teach local blacksmiths how to fabricate small-scale crop threshers for use in Northern Ghana.

IFDC Featured in Essay by Farming First

IFDC’s work in northern Ghana has been featured in a new essay compiled by the global agriculture coalition Farming First. The interactive essay serves to highlight the astounding impact investments in science and innovation can have. It demonstrates how investments allow for far-reaching and interrelated aspects of achieving food security, and it highlights the importance of supporting this “complex agricultural…

Audio and Video Campaigns Reach Farmers Where They Are

The Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer Project implements media that reaches and relates to a large audience. Here are a few examples of the project’s media efforts in 2015.

Driving Agricultural Mechanization Adoption in Northern Ghana

One of the major constraints to consistently increasing grain yields in Ghana is the perception that farming is a subsistence operation, not a business. The use of hand-wielded cutlasses and hoes for farming is still deeply rooted. Steadily, the Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer Project is reversing this trend through the introduction of powered labor-saving equipment such as…

NewDay – Discussing food security and technology

IFDC President and CEO Scott Angle and Sheila Assibey-Yeboah, Deputy Program Leader of GhanaVeg, discuss fertilizer’s role in strengthening food security in Ghana.


Bad nutrition is the biggest challenge in the north – USAID

USAID introduces new technology in Ghana to combat nutrition issues.

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