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IFDC President and CEO Albin Hubscher

Research for Resilience: soil and plant nutrition that works for farmers

“With the global population rapidly increasing, we must double or triple our food production in the next couple of decades to avert a worldwide food crisis. And we must do so in the face of extreme weather events, continued deforestation, rapid desertification, and widespread pollution. Addressing this monumental challenge will require determined technological innovation and new research on old, “tried-and-true”…

It’s Alive! 200 Billion Reasons Why Soil is Important

Different soils work better with different fertilizers, seeds and water regimens. Another interesting factor: Soil acts like a living thing. We must prioritize keeping it healthy. One cup of soil contains more than 200 billion organisms. Some of these benefit plants by helping the roots “ingest” nutrients. Others are antagonistic and may hamper plant growth. Yet others react well only…

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