IFDC is an independent non-profit organization that combines innovative research, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to identify and scale sustainable soil solutions for improved food security and livelihoods around the world.

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An African Union Commission-led initiative, the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit seeks to build a more dynamic African fertilizer market that addresses the primary soil health constraints on the continent. The summit, to be held in June 2023, will bring together high-level stakeholders to reach an agreement on a 10-year action plan for sustainable productivity growth in African agriculture. Learn more in the AFSH Brochure.

AFO Fertilizer Country Factsheets (EN)

AFO Fertilizer Country Factsheets (FR)

IFDC implements the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Bureau for Resilience and Food Security (RFS) grant on Feed the Future Sustainable Opportunities for Improving Livelihoods with Soils (SOILS) Consortium. Learn more about SOILS on the consortium webpage.

Rwanda Soil Nutrient and pH Maps (ZIP file)

Included Maps:

  • Acid Saturation (%)
  • AcidSat
  • Boron (ppm)
  • Calcium (%)
  • Calcium (ppm)
  • Copper (ppm)
  • Magnesium (%)
  • Magnesium (ppm)
  • Manganese (ppm)
  • Manganese
  • Organic Matter (%)
  • pH
  • Phosphorous (ppm)
  • Potassium (%)
  • Potassium (ppm)
  • Sulphur (ppm)
  • Zinc (ppm)

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