Month: January 2016

IFDC President and CEO Visits Myanmar

IFDC president and CEO Dr. Scott Angle recently visited Myanmar to catch up with scientists and farmers working with the Fertilizer Sector Improvement project (FSI+). Myanmar was the first stop on his trip to Southeast Asia, where he will observe various IFDC operations in the region and meet with project officers. At FSI+, he met with Senior Agronomist U Myint…

Seed Producer Supports Ghanaian Farming

The Feed the Future (FTF) Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer Project has supported three major seed producers in FTF’s zone of influence with good agricultural practices, equipment for seed production and processing and business guidance, while providing them with technical seed quality assurance training.

Improving Farmer Access to Quality Fertilizer for Increased Yields

A major factor limiting use of quality fertilizers for enhanced agricultural productivity is the unavailability of properly packaged and labeled fertilizers in quantities small-scale farmers can afford. Most often, fertilizers available on the market are packaged in 50 kg bags and sold at prices not usually affordable to many small-scale farmers, effectively preventing them from applying fertilizers on their farms.…

8 Ways IFDC Boosts Farming in Ghana

IFDC’s Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer project helps boost productivity and incomes. Through technology and training, the project enables agriculture entrepreneurs to approach agriculture as a business. Check out our two latest infographics to see the project’s recent successes.

From Cassava to Beer: Roots to Empowerment

“This film depicts a typical Public-Private Partnership (PPP), combining a so-called lead firm (Psaltry in Nigeria in this case, an enterprise sourcing cassava from farmers to produce starch for Nigeria breweries/Heineken), and local-level agri-business networks.” The film also features IFDC’s 2SCALE Project. Credit: ICRA

Learning Changes Lives: Rinku Rani’s Story

A few years ago, Rinku Rani wanted more. Rinku was a full-time homemaker and devoted mother of two. Her husband, Taposh Kumar Dey, was a hardworking farmer. But Rinku wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to contribute more to her family’s financial and nutritional well-being. In 2013, Rinku participated in a training program organized by IFDC’s Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement-Walmart Foundation Activity…

8 Ways CATALIST Improves Agribusiness in Uganda

IFDC’s CATALIST-Uganda project helps farmers grow better quality crops and increase incomes. The project’s gender interventions have empowered women to participate in the agriculture market. Check out our two latest infographics to see the influence of the project in Uganda.

Staff Highlight – Alexander Fernando

 Alexander Fernando (left in photo below), Deputy Director East and Southern Africa, with Fernando Mavie, Director of Extension, Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture (and former AIMS II staff member) at the IFDC-AIMS III booth as part of the celebrations for the 5th anniversary of the PARTI Platform meeting, Maputo, Mozambique, September 2014. “I really enjoy working on projects that strengthen private…

Staff Highlight – Joaquin Sanabria

Senior scientist – biometrician “I’m passionate about finding the solutions to complex research problems by using state-of-the-art statistical methodologies.” Joaquin Sanabria, senior scientist – biometrician, joined IFDC in 2007. He is responsible for planning and analyzing experiments and surveys associated with research and development projects for IFDC headquarters and field projects. The success of these projects very often has resulted in…

Staff Highlight – Dr. Oumou Camara

  Deputy Director, North and West Africa   I’m passionate about seeing the impact of our work on farmers’ lives. Dr. Oumou Camara, Deputy Director, North and West Africa, joined IFDC in 2005. Camara has more than 20 years of experience in agricultural economics. She previously served as IFDC Senior Portfolio Manager for the region, Senior Economist seconded to the…

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