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Greenhouse Gas Research at IFDC

IFDC leads the way in greenhouse gas-reducing fertilizer technology. We teach farmers to fertilize their crops smarter and give them better tools to do so. As a result, more than 2 million Bangladeshi farmers – as well as many in sub-Saharan Africa – are reducing rice-growing emissions by up to 30 percent. Below is a piece from Upendra Singh, IFDC…

Fertilizer Deep Placement Continues to Change Lives in Mali

Two years ago, Bakary Traoré, a 61-year-old farmer from Bimbougou, Mali (located 45 km from Sikasso), benefited from an IFDC training on fertilizer deep placement (FDP) and micro dosing (MD) technologies. As a wise entrepreneur, he did not hesitate to invest “I understood from the outset that with these technologies, I will buy less fertilizer. Which means I’m going to…

8 Successes from USAID FDP-MD

The USAID Scaling Up Fertilizer Deep Placement and Microdosing Technologies in Mali (FDP-MD) project increases food security and farm incomes.

Fertilizer Deep Placement is boosting rice production in Rwanda

Fertilizer deep placement (FDP) is currently being demonstrated in Rwanda and will be part of extension strategies in the near future.

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