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Fertilizer – A Foundation for Food Security

The history of the modern world, from the period of industrialization on, has been characterized by a rapidly growing population and the struggle to accelerate food production to sustain that population. This struggle has manifested itself, repeatedly, in tragic episodes of human suffering centered on food and nutrition. The Great Famine in Ireland, the Indian Famine of 1899, and various…

NewDay – Discussing food security and technology

IFDC President and CEO Scott Angle and Sheila Assibey-Yeboah, Deputy Program Leader of GhanaVeg, discuss fertilizer’s role in strengthening food security in Ghana.


Feeding Crops, Feeding the World – Part 2: Beyond the Big Three

Malnutrition (both obesity and stunting) costs the global economy $3.5 trillion per year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). But investing in nutrition-centered fertilizer research relieves this burden, resulting in productive populations and prosperous economies. Feeding crops well is a good starting point toward this solution. Innovating disruptive technologies that include wholesome nutrients yields…

Feeding Crops, Feeding the World

Part 1 – Improved Fertilizers: A Pillar for a Healthy and Prosperous World Just like humans, crops have specific nutrient requirements. Nourishing plants well is essential for farmers to increase yields and supply food for the earth’s increasing population. Current fertilizer technology and use cannot support higher food demands. In addition, traditional fertilizers and poor recommendations keep farmers from profiting.…

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